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What We Know About the "This Is Us" Season 2 Finale

Prepare yourself for another emotional rollercoaster as 2nd Avenue airs the Season 2 Finale of This Is Us tonight at 9:00PM. It's been an intense tearjerker of a season, made even more memorable when Jack's fate was revealed in an earlier episode. Tonight, we get to witness the Pearsons at the cusp of a major family milestone.

Here are more things to expect to tonight: 

1.) Kate ties the knot with Toby 
It was a rough road leading to where this couple is now. But given this show's penchant for flashbacks and flash-forwards, will it really be rainbows and butterflies for this couple in their marriage ahead?  

2.) Kate gets sentimental
Every daughter dreams to be "given away" by her daddy on her wedding. But given what was revealed regarding Jack's fate, how will this sit with Kate on her special day?  

3.) We finally get to meet Toby's relatives. Beth's too! 
Let's just say: whoever will and won't be at the wedding will offer a glimpse of Toby's family background. Plus, we also get to meet one of Beth's relatives. 

4.) Flash forwards and cliffhangers. 
What, did you expect this show to tie loose ends that easily? Not just yet. The writers are gearing up for more major twists for Season 3! And finally...

Those who ugly-cried when Jack cause of death was revealed earlier this season can rest a bit easy knowing that Milo Ventimiglia is still contract-bound to appear in more episodes. Tonight will be one of those appearances. And again, don't expect to finish the show with a dry eye. 

Catch the Season 2 Finale of This Is Us tonight at 9:00PM on 2nd Avenue
And relive all the highs and lows of this season in a Special Mothers' Day Marathon this May 12 and 13!