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The 2nd Avenue Scavenger Hunt

(Aug 3, 2017) UPDATE: This giveaway is officially closed. Here's the list of people who will get 2nd Avenue gift packs!

  1. Dennis Garcia
  2. Irene Baniqued
  3. JC Carpio
  4. Ruben Santarina
  5. Juliet Ugay


Hey, you! First of all, we want to thank you for your never-ending love and support! For this, we want to play a little game with you. Whoever completes this list will get the chance to take home cool stuff from 2nd Avenue.

These puzzle pieces are scattered at the 2nd Avenue website Main Street. Look for them and send us the link and title of the article where you find them.


Piece 1


Piece 2


Piece 3


Piece 4


Piece 5


Piece 6

That's a total of six pieces all in all. You can right-click on each image and view in a different tab to see it more clearly. Start searching now!

Send us a compilation of the links where each piece is located. Send it to with the subject 2ND AVENUE SCAVENGER HUNT. We’ll choose 5 people on July 30 who will get to take home cool stuff from 2nd Avenue!