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A Delightful Farewell: Things You Need to Know


  1. What’s going to happen on June 5?
    After an amazing 12-year run, 2nd Avenue will be going off-air in Metro Manila.
  2. What will happen to my favorite 2nd Avenue shows? 
    Top favorite shows of the channel may be seen on ETC, JackTV or other Solar networks - something we're sure you'll be very excited about.
  3. When can I watch the 2nd Avenue shows in other Solar channels?
    We definitely won't keep it long! Entertainment Tonight and Inside Edition, for instance, will now be seen on ETC every afternoon starting June 5! Tune in to ETC and JackTV for updates on their new program line-up.
  4. Is 2nd Avenue signing off on both cable and free-to-air? 
    Yes. 2nd Avenue will no longer be seen on any platform, but you can still catch your favorite shows on ETC and JackTV