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Ever wonder why successful people are wearing the same thing every day? 

For over a decade, Steve Jobs, the billionaire co-founder of Apple, wore the same thing every day-- a black turtleneck, a pair of jeans, and sneakers. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wears a gray T-shirt every day, while President Barack Obama picks between a solid navy or charcoal suit.


They were all part of the movement where less is more. 

And in that spirit, I and 2ndAvenue decided to share some tips on how to create your own small versatile wardrobe, commonly called a capsule.


CAPSULE + WARDROBE = a mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you love to wear.

In the 1970s, London boutique owner Susie Faux coined the term "capsule wardrobe" to describe a minimal wardrobe composed of 30 to 40 high-quality, versatile items that will meet your needs for a given amount of time. Wearing only a fraction of your closet is supposed to reinforce the idea that you can be happy with less — plus, you'll save money in the long run buying fewer, quality clothes and skipping the mediocre items, Faux writes on her blog.

The size of your capsule is highly personal, she also explains, and there are no strict guidelines when it comes to building your mini wardrobe.

So, how to create a capsule wardrobe?

Note: our suggested ‘style’ is probably not your style, but that’s okay. As you step through the process of creating your capsule, go with the styles and clothes that reflect your personal style.


1. Take all your clothes out of your closet, threw them on your bed and sort them out:

Save – The clothes you love wearing. These go back into your closet.

Donate – The pieces you never wear. It’s time to pass them along.

Store – The clothes you rarely wear, and half-like. Box them up and put them in storage. The rule is to retrieve a piece within six months but if not, say goodbye.

Note # 2:  that the capsule does not include workout clothes, jewelry, accessories, pajamas, and underwear.

2. Know your Style

Check your save pile and define a palette of three or four colors you love wearing, that work in harmony across shirts, pants, jackets, shoes, etc. That ensures the wardrobe is mixable, maximizing the number of potential outfits. Add some patterns too! to help you achieve perky looks!

3. Keep a capsule wardrobe under control by choosing a number.

There are various opinions on how many pieces should be in a capsule: some says 30 pieces every 3 months, others have 40 pieces in 12 months.  There’s no right or wrong number, the point is to choose one and then maintain it (in a given period/time).

 “This is great and all, but clothes and shopping are my thing.”

4. By this time, think about what is really important to you: Functionality or variation?

Creating your own wardrobe capsule may take time but hopefully you will realize its importance:

I quickly found that choosing what to wear to work each day became infinitely easier, simply because I had so few clothes to choose from. It was also nice knowing that I couldn't really go wrong with my decision — after all, I filled my capsule with my favorite, highest-quality items - Kathleen Elkins (30 items in 30 days and more)”

“To me, a capsule wardrobe represents more time and energy for what really matters (less time spent deciding what to wear / less time spent shopping / less time doing laundry or caring for clothes) more money for our dreams + helping others (less money spent on clothes that never get worn) and more contentment and happiness. – Caroline of Unfancy (37 items in 3 months)”

5. Time to be More Creative!

If you’re struggling to put together a fun yet functional wardrobe, look at these:


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**Click image to see full size

It’s all about making these pieces work for you in any day!


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We hope these look inspire you to create your capsule! These items are intended for weekends and depending on your workplace, casual Fridays. Bonus –chances are, you have many of these items already in your closet! The key is good, well-cut basics that easily mix and match, so boredom isn’t an option.