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Must have gadgets and accessories for travelers

Nothing ruins a perfect trip or vacation when you realize forgetting to pack essential things like your cellphone charger. To help you avoid here is a list of most useful tech item and accessories to take when you travel. Whether you’re headed-out on a beach vacation or a city escape, these accessories will help you get the most out of your next adventure.

A battery pack or PowerBank

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

— A must have especially for those who spend more time outdoors. It is always better to come prepared with extra juice for your battery than stress yourself out thinking where to charge your device. 

Action cameras

Photo Taken by an Action Camera (Photo Courtesy of Google Images)

— The camera itself may not look like much, but the footage you will get out of this tiny shooter is professional-grade. It is so reliable particularly when it comes to action scenes and aerial footage.

**Point-and-shoot cameras

— Aside from your smart phone, you can also bring this to snap hundreds of shots without weighing you down. So you will not miss every moment during our adventure.

Waterproof cases

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

— It is always better to be prepared.  You’ll never know when you would need to have a waterproof case for you mobile phones or other devices. So whether it’s a sudden drizzle in the middle of the street or a spontaneous getaway to the beach with friends, it is better not to worry about ruining the moment by focusing on keeping your things dry.

International plug adapter

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

— Always remember that, not all places have the same sockets and voltage capacities. You’ll need a number of plug adapters to be able to use your devices and charge them up.

Headphone, earphones or earbud

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

— These things are essentials because who does not like listening to music while on a long travel or even to an AM radio for the news. Earphones are a big help to staying relaxed, occupied, entertained, motivated, and so much more.

Pocket WIFI

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

— These are important accessories to have if you want to stay connected. It can be cheap and you can even share it with others. Plus, it can save up on your device’s battery for you wouldn’t have to use its data connection.

Tripod or phone stand

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

— Get yourself ready with a tripod or a phone stand for times that you need a help up. You can get mini tripods to set up your photography devices to when you lack company. It’s also a great way to keep your devices stable when you’re using them.

Room for storage

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

— Two major wonders of having external hard drives: you can store almost every file in it and you can bring it anywhere. Take any document, or file with you wherever you may go.

Digital luggage scale

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

— We all hate baggage fees, you can at least avoid overweight charges. Simply attach the scale to your luggage straps and lifts. If you are over the limit, you can other items from one bag to another before you arrive at the airport helping reduce wait times and stress on your wallet.

Functional Gear Bag

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

— All these, of course, won’t fit in your pockets. You must also have a bag prepared that can contain all your tech accessories, so you would not forget to bring anything when you go. Get a bag with lots of extra pockets to store the small cords and for better organization. It can also stow anything else you are bringing with you like food or a magazine. It’s great for planes because it can fit underneath the seat in front of you to give you access to your stuff.