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Why Being Single Means a Better Chance of Success

Being in a relationship is not an achievement, or at least, it shouldn’t be treated as one. And yet society tends to treat “relationship” and “achievement” as a synonym.  Most patronize women who are single, some scoff at them for prioritizing their career over thoughts of marriage and children. Being in a relationship should be celebrated and worked on, but it should never be confused with “achievement” or “success.” 

Singlehood – for both men and women – is a status that must also be celebrated. In fact, it’s an important stage in life where you’ll learn more about yourself. It’s a great time to facilitate your success. Of course, people define success differently. But, regardless if its success in career, money, or happiness, being single can pave the way for you by:

Letting Yourself Be You

And that includes making mistakes you’ll inevitably commit along the way. Yes, the definition of success is subjective, but it still has its yardstick. One of its measures is to be successful on your own terms. Being single gives you the freedom to learn what you want and how you’ll achieve your goals. When you’re in a relationship, regardless of how supportive and understanding your partner is, you will still have to put him/her and your relationship in the equation all the time. And often, relationship considerations muddle things up. When you’re single, you can take your time to figure out what you want without sacrificing or compromising another person’s feelings. 

Focusing All Your Energy into Your Goals

Couples need to spend time together – and that’s how it should be. Singlehood means you don’t have to spend your time with anyone else – it’s all yours. Whatever goals you have in mind, you can exert 100% of your time and effort to pursue them without feeling like you’ve disappointed someone for being “selfish.”

Keeping All Your Earnings


Being single means striving hard to become financially independent. Your earnings and savings are all for you; so as your expenses. You can invest your money as you see fit. When you’re in a serious relationship, it takes twice as hard to manage your finances because you have another person to consider, its worse when your partner has debts or is irresponsible with money matters. 

Learning to Be More Independent

Success is also about stepping out of your comfort zone. When you have a partner, you get a security blanket that can make awkward situations tolerable or less unpleasant. It’s wonderful to have another person you can lean on when things go awry or when confronted with something horrible, but it’s also great if you know how to very well manage on your own.

Being single means taking a step forward to become more confident and independent – two characteristics needed to be successful. Only when you’re standing alone will you know how capable you are. That being said, success gained while you’re still single should never be a reason for you to close doors on dating or being in a relationship. 

Written by: Naomi Ganhinhin