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Probably one of the most famous household names is 2nd Avenue's very own Ellen DeGeneres. You may have heard of her because of her kind heart and her ever-funny words! 

Here are some of our favourite moments when Ellen just showed us how #delightfullyreal she is!

1. The iconic Oscars selfie from when she hosted Oscars in 2014


2. When she called for the declaration of her birthday as a national holiday.


3. When she showed us her versatility when it comes to her outfits. That's the sign of a real performer! cheeky


A post shared by Ellen (@theellenshow) on


4. When she showed (and keeps showing!) how much she loves her Executive Producer, Andy Lassner.


5. When she stole the spotlight from Queen B after announcing her own pregnancy. 


A post shared by Ellen (@theellenshow) on


6. That major LOL time when she and Britney went to the mall and tried to do normal stuff. (Keyword: tried!)


7. When she made us wish for a Star Wars version where she's cast as Queen Amidala.


8. All those times in the past thirteen years when she suggested a Finding Nemo sequel... and it finally happened!


9. That time she made us all jealous because she was Ryan Gosling's leading lady.


10. When she introduced us to another (and our new favourite!) Kardashian.


A post shared by Ellen (@theellenshow) on


11. That time she and Adele pranked a juice shop worker, therefore showing us how fun it is to see Adele and Ellen being partners in crime!


12. All those times she made huge laughs out of scaring her own guests!


While Ellen is known for making us laugh every time she tweets or says something, she always has the power to touch even the deepest parts of our hearts while sobbing uncontrollably because of her words.

13. When she won the People's Choice Humanitarian Award, because of her life-changing work with individuals, communities, and organizations. That's why she's Ellen DeGenerous. wink


14. That time she made us cry with her when she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 

(Yup, we still cry everytime we watch it. Nobody deserves it more than this amazing beautiful woman!)

And last but not the least....

15. Because she makes us laugh, smile, and cry on The Ellen Show! We're fifteen seasons strong now and not an episode could ever bore us. 


What is your favourite Ellen moment? These are only fifteen of ours, and there's plenty more where that came from.

Don't miss all-new episodes of season 15 of Ellen! Make sure to tune in weekdays at 7AM and again at 7PM on 2nd Avenue!